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Clinical Nutrition is one of the most sought-after methods to help with many health problems naturally! My own personal health issues I went through back in 2000 to 2003 during my attendance at Palmer College of Chiropractic, were some of the worst health years of my life at the age of 24. My symptoms ranged from poor digestive issues, severe fatigue, migraines, food sensitivities, and a weak immune system. I even experienced severe sensitivties to chemical smells in paint, cleaning products, soaps, and shampoos. If the person next to me had a cold, it was guaranteed I was going to have a cold within a few days. I ended up losing close to 40 unwanted pounds because of my limitation of foods due to my food sensitivities.

During this process, I first went to the medical doctor because I thought that was the only answer to my problems. Now before I go further, I want everyone to know I am not opposed to western medicine. There are wonderful doctors dedicated to helping us and doing what is necessary to save our lives and help with major diseases, cancer, and illnesses. Unfortunately, what I was experiencing was not able to be helped with a prescription drug. Blood tests were normal over and over again. Colonoscopy was normal. The final question they had for me: was I depressed? After two years of feeling this way I could say I was depressed. Why? Because what I used to be able to do, I couldn't. What I used to be able to eat or drink, I couldn't. The energy I used to have was gone. My immune system was compromised. Even with all of this happening I knew it was not the answer. Something deep down inside told me to avoid the antidepressants as much as possible. I remember calling my dad after this and telling him I need to drop out of chiropractic college because I can't go on like this anymore. I had planned on moving home and was hoping something would happen. I was 26 years old feeling like I was 76 (no offense to anyone reading this who is 76 or older), but I felt awful.

Thankfully everything changed in 2003 when I was introduced to Clinical Nutrition. My colleague Dr. Steven Osterhout, who owns and operates Vitality Healthcare in Kalamazoo, Michigan was already studying Clinical Nutrition and knew he was going to be implementing it in his practice. We researched, studied, tested, and met with amazing doctors who have been doing Clinical Nutrition for decades. I was fascinated by this whole new world termed "alternative medicine". To this day I still don't know why it is labeled "alternative". Many of the protocols should be the first thing implemented to help patients with many health issues.

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