--Be sure to check out all 42 reviews on YELP and 38 reviews on GOOGLE REVIEWS! My patients are wonderful and they love Chiropractic!

--We accept most insurances! Call us and we will let you know!
--Don't have insurance? No problem! We offer affordable Chiropractic care. First visit New exam and Chiropractic adjustment only $65 and regular Chiropractic adjustments are only $40!
--New to the area and have had Chiropractic before? Or are you looking for a new Chiropractor? Call and let us know what insurance you have or if you do not have insurance, we will not charge you for a new exam! Just the Chiropractic adjustment is $40.

--We offer monthly family plans!
--We offer Chiropractic packages for those who choose Chiropractic for staying healthy!
--One thing we do not do is make you sign up on large treatment plans. No worries coming into our office! We take care of the Chiropractic needs you are looking for!

--We also offer therapeutic massage! Call and schedule your massage because you deserve it!

--Are you VA? We see many VA patients! We are on the list of Chiropractors for you to call your primary care physician in the VA and have them schedule your first visit!

--We have the SolaJet hydromassage and also we sell the SolaPro massager https://www.sola-pro.com/. This is the most advanced hand held massager out there! Unique about this one is it is quiet and has a 2 year warranty!

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Yours in health,

Dr. Chris Hengesteg, D.C.

Dr. Chris Hengesteg is proud to present SolaJet to his office. Chiropractic Solutions is the only Chiropractic office in Poway to offer you this amazing service! Click HERE to learn more about SolaJet and how it can help you.