Hengesteg Chiropractic

Here is a list of who we help change their lives!

Newborns and Infants: the youngest I have done gentle adjustments on is a 3 day old. Had awesome results and the baby was sleeping better.

Children: children are so much fun to work with. Chiropractic is the greatest gift to give to your child. It helps balance their nervous system to adapt to the toxic environment. Chiropractic children have stronger immune systems to fight off colds and are healthier than other kids in school who do not get chiropractic. Recurrent ear infections are minimized with chiropractic. Hypersensitivity, ADD, ADHD, and asthma have all been helped by chiropractic. You will be amazed at the results and witness your child's entire life benefit the positive effects of chiropractic.

Sports: Whether you are a weekend warrior or have kids in highschool football, basketball, soccor, and track, I have helped increase their performance dramatically! All athletes need chiropractic and notice the benefit immediately. The NFL, NBA, and MLB have chiropractors on staff. I can be your personal sports chiropractic. You will love how you feel and notice a difference immediately. I love keeping people of all ages healthy!

Crossfit: Two of my former patients in Philadelphia are crossfitters and now are General Managers for the Miami Surge. Check out Miami Surge and see what they are doing in GRID!

Pregnancy: I have helped women during their entire pregnancy. I have adjusted their body so their nervous system is functioning better to become pregnant and I have adjusted them the day of delivery! Their pregnancies and deliveries are so much better with chiropractic.

Mothers: I call it Mommy Syndrome. Mothers do everything for their kids and husband and never take the time to take care of themselves. Before they know it, they can barely bend over to pick up their child and they hurt everywhere all the time! Take time for yourself to be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and prevent a more serious injury from occuring!

Scoliosis: If your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, chiropractic is the most effective natural way to help stop the adavancement and with the correct chiropractic program, reverse it! Chiropractic is noninvasive, unlike the very invasive surgery. Call us immediately if your son or daughter has scoliosis.

Sciatica: Radiating pain down one leg or both legs can cause misery in all areas of life; work, family, sleep, sitting, and exercising. Sciatica can be cause by 2 things. Number one is disc bulge/herniation. Number two is Piriformis Syndrome. Both can be treated with chiropractic. It all depends on where the pain begins. If it is in your low back, it could be a disc issue. If it starts in your butt cheek, it more than likely is piriformis syndrome. This can easily be treated with chiropractic. I have had great succes with this.