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Children's Health

Helping this handsome little fella to sleep better at night with gentle Chiropractic adjustments!IMG 3195

Children's health tends to be one of the most talked about subjects when around friends and family with children. Most of the time though it involves talking about these common illnesses:

"Johnny got an ear infection again. It's his fifth one this year."

"Suzie has strep throat for the fourth time this year and is on antibiotics again."

"Lil' Joey has been constipated for 5 days again."

"Jessica is not feeling good again. She always gets something from daycare."

"My child seems to be less active than other children, it's like he is sick but doesn't know how to tell me but I've taken him to the doctor and they tell me nothing is wrong."

Do any of these common illnesses sound like your child? If so I want you to know that I can help out with the following:

  1. Build your child's immune system naturally to fight off unwanted infections like strep throat, colds, and earaches.
  2. Help with constipation by educating you on the cause and what we can do to help the body become more regular.
  3. Build their body's energy pathways by increasing their immune system and finding out what food allergies they have.

"I have found that a combination of chiropractic care and clinical nutrition has been one of the most powerful healing mechanisms to help heal children's health problems. Healing begins when you tap into their body's natural healing mechanisms." Dr. Hengesteg

If you're wondering if we can help your child, call us and Dr. Hengesteg will be glad to talk with you! (858)679-8179.

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